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Collaboration with a highly curated, diverse founder and operator network

  • Daily access to a community of ~30-40 of NYC’s top startup CEOs and founders
  • Peer-led programming that addresses the challenges of early-stage ventures

Venture fundraising support

  • Tactical introductions to leading VCs (GCT program companies have raised $1.3BN in venture capital from top firms over 5 years)
  • Bespoke advice from the Company Ventures team on fundraise positioning and strategy
  • Potential investment (pre-Seed through Series A) from Company Ventures

Targeted expert resources and programming

  • Growth resources available on opt-in basis (e.g. executive coaching, talent recruitment)
  • 100+ person expert network across product, design, engineering, brand strategy, sales, marketing, culture, and impact

Corporate access

  • Introductions to corporates for potential pilots, product integrations, customer/supplier relationships, or investment
  • Corporate partners include: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Mastercard, JetBlue, Lowe’s, Bose, MRM/McCann, Carta, Brex, First Republic, WSGR, NYCEDC

Rent-free office space, no equity fee

  • One year of free rent in GCT’s new office space
  • No equity fee to participate
  • Access to broader Company campus (see images below)
  • Flexible office space post-program in variety of formats to solve long-term growth needs (no requirement to stay but most choose to do so)

Minimal but meaningful expectations of participants

  • Participation in bi-weekly founders lunches and executive leadership curriculum
  • Periodic check-ins with the Company venture development team
  • Inclusion of Company Ventures in future fundraising discussions
  • Adherence to Company’s community values of inclusivity, diversity, and access

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